Anonymous asked: Who are you most like/ who would you be? Grantaire or Enjolras? If you were Enjolras, what person/follower from tumblr would be your Grantaire? If you were Grantaire, what person/follower from tumblr would be your Enjolras? :)

Oh hello there anon!

I was not expecting questions but okay I can do this.

Umumum. I’d really like to say that I’m like Enjolras, but honestly I’m closer to Grantaire.

I have a fairly low opinion of myself, to the point where insults and the like just sort of roll off of me. If something is bothering me I tend to laugh it off, but there are certain people/things that can utterly obliterate me with just a few words. I don’t have particularly strong opinions on politics and such because I don’t think there’s much I can do to change things (and there are people out there who’d be much more useful in trying to change things than I’d be).

I’m also incredibly sarcastic and I enjoy mocking my friends. And I talk a lot like I go on tangents for 10+ minutes if someone gets me going and I argue just for the sake of arguing.

I don’t have as many skills/abilities as Grantaire, though hah

And as for which Tumblrite would be my Enjolras… Well, according to Tumblr the blog I love the most is theonceandfuturedetective which I think is hilarious because I started following them yesterday but hey, tumblr wouldn’t lie to me.

But I’m honestly pretty in love with avagueambitioninyourdirection’s blog because holy crap have you read the words there they are perfect

Okay well this was fun to answer! Thank you anon<33

Posted on March/24/2013
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